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The Red Lady

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A curious phenomenon surrounds a small town, relayed by every newspaper. In a few months’ time, almost every member of the Black family has been victim of strange accidents. After every incident had occurred, witnesses swear they could see a strange looking woman dressed in red observing the scene from afar. You decide to investigate, but end up getting captured by this red woman. Will you be able to escape and unveil the mystery?

What you should know

  • A story to discover and understand while playing the game.
  • A slightly disturbing atmosphere, which can scare young people.
  • A real challenge. If you never played escape games, you should take the Discovery mode when booking.

Minimum age: 12 years old. Players younger than 14 years old must be with an adult player.

If you never played escape games before, you should choose Discovery mode when booking.


2 / 5


5 / 5


3 / 5

The best team is si tibo doodoo. They get out of the room in 36m and 37s without any clue, and they saved the world.

They played

Laurent, avril 2019

Super expérience. Énigmes très sympas. Nous avons la dame rouge cette fois. Très immersif. Accueil toujours aussi sympa.

Jérôme, avril 2019

Excellent Escape Game ! Des décors superbes ! Ambiance garantie !

Laurent, juin 2019

Cet escape game nous a beaucoup plu : il contient beaucoup d’énigmes, ce qui fait qu'on ne reste jamais bloqués tous sur la même chose. Et certaines sont vraiment originales !

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