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Gears of Time

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An ad in a newspaper catches your attention: a scientist is looking for volunteers for a unique experience. A famous scientist has found a way to get to the nexus of the time, to modify its gears. She wants to modify the fate of three people and she needs you for that. Will you be up to the challenge?

What you should know

  • A game design which will surprise you.
  • A room taht links our three other themes.
  • A large number of puzzles on the theme of time, thinking is at the heart of the room.

Minimum age: 12 years old. Players younger than 14 years old must be with an adult player.

If you never played escape games before, you should choose Discovery mode when booking.


4 / 5


3 / 5


5 / 5

Best team

The best team is PINCEAUX FLEUR ROIS. They get out of the room in 36m and 32s without any clue.

They played

Geo, août 2021

Une super expérience, plein d'énigmes intéressantes. On est vraiment plongé dans l'histoire et les énigmes sont originales et bien trouvées.

Céline, août 2021

Super escape !!! La salle es très bien pensée, le décor est top, les énigmes vraiment bien ficelées et l'équipe hyper accueillante.

Camille, septembre 2021

EXCELLENT ! Une belle salle qui demande de la coopération, de l'écoute entre chaque joueur et de la logique. Une expérience inédite !

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